Root For Your Cinderella Teams

→  March 23rd, 2013  →  Leadership

This post is highly time critical, as the sports metaphor around which this whole topic is based is likely to have wound down by the time you  read this post.  The NCAA Basketball Tournament is my favorite sporting event by far, and last night we saw a virtually unknown #15 seeded team take out a […]


Enabling the Collisions Between The “Slow Hunches” In Your Organization

→  March 26th, 2012  →  Blog Innovation Leadership Technology

Recently I’ve been inspired by some pretty engaging discussions going on on Google+ about the concept of  “the connected enterprise” by some big thinkers like Gideon Rosenblatt,  Gregory Esau, Braden Kelly and  John Kellden .   An underlying theme of many of these discussions is that technology will enable organizations to evolve in new and exciting […]


First Derivatives: Are You Getting Better, Or What?

→  February 23rd, 2010  →  Business

Basic Calculus shows us that regardless of the subject or the metric, you are either getting better or getting worse, you can’t be just “holding your own.”


Risk, Part 2 — Safeguarding Your Daily Business Operations

→  January 20th, 2010  →  Business

Using a structured approach to considering, prioritizing and planning for the many risks that can impact your business will increase its likelihood of continuing to run smoothly.


Private Equity 2.0

→  October 29th, 2009  →  Business

The financial crisis has important implications for the Private Equity industry, and the funds that will be successful will need to adapt their strategies to earn consistent returns.


All For The Price Of A Sandwich

→  September 25th, 2009  →  Blog Leadership

Buy your folks a sandwich on their birthday and you will engage with them on a deeper level.


Why Board Meetings Should Be Face To Face

→  August 6th, 2009  →  Business

Board Meetings with Venture Capital and Private Equity sponsor Board of Directors need to be Face to Face, not telephonic.