Battle of the Shanzai Kombinis

March 18th, 2011 · 8:33 pm @   -  2 Comments

Came across these two Shanzai Convenience stores on opposing sides of a busy Nanhui intersection yesterday. I wonder which one dupes more customers?  Both of these Japanese chains have huge presences in China;  Lawson’s has over 300 stores in Shanghai alone, and Family Mart has nearly 400 outlets in Shanghai.  With such a huge investment, I wonder how much they appreciate their brand equity getting hijacked and dilluted by these knock-off branches?

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 by Jeffrey J Davis


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2 Comments → “Battle of the Shanzai Kombinis”

  1. Greg Strosaker

    7 years ago

    Great catch Jeff – certainly saw a lot of both stores in Shanghai, now I’m struggling to recall if any might have been counterfeit.

  2. JeffreyJDavis

    7 years ago

    Greg – Every Lawson’s or Family Mart I have ever seen in Shanghai proper is legit. These were in Nanhui , about 30km out of town S on the Pudong side.

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