Find The Glass

→  October 28th, 2013  →  Blog Personal Productivity

A couple of weeks ago, a group of friends and I took our annual kiteboarding pilgrammage to Cape Hatteras.  We go to Hatteras for a lot of reasons:  great surf, largely undisturbed natural coastline, consistent wind.  But I go for one primary reason:  to find the glass. The Pimlico sound is graced with a a […]


Get Granular To Get More Done During Your Day

→  October 16th, 2009  →  Blog Personal Productivity

A simply daily planning and review habit can dramatically increase your productivity and execution, for an investment of only 18 minutes per day.


Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

→  September 14th, 2009  →  Personal Productivity

Ben Franklin utilized a very balanced and holistic view of planning his daily activities which many of us could benefit from.