Flying Flags — God Bless America

→  July 5th, 2017  →  Blog Culture

Yesterday was the 4th of July.  America’s 241st birthday.  I’m old enough to vividly remember the Bicentennial and all the hoopla and buildup that went into that.  I was a teenager then, so if that was really 41 years ago, I guess that means that I’m really old now.  Even though these “normal” birthdays for […]


2009 In One Word

→  January 4th, 2010  →  Culture

What one word did over 5000 Facebook and Twitter users use to sum up 2009?


The World According to Americans

→  December 13th, 2009  →  Culture

Many Americans have narrow views of other nations, as illustrated in this graphic.


Keeping It Real In ShiPu

→  September 7th, 2009  →  Culture Travel

I took a walk through the ancient fishing village of ShiPu in Xiangshan county and met some friendly local Chinese people and learned about their daily life.


Nerd Venn Diagram

→  September 7th, 2009  →  Culture

This tells me a lot about myself, more so than Myers Briggs. I guess that I’m an obsessed Geek.


The King Is Dead But The Moonwalk Lives Eternally

→  July 11th, 2009  →  Culture

The Eternal Moonwalk website is a crowdsourced video of users doing the moonwalk to billy jean.