This is the personal website and blog of Jeffrey J Davis, the President and CEO of Cyanco, a private equity portfolio company of Oaktree Capital Management.  Over time, he hopes to build a body of content here around topics such as Leadership, Business Strategy, Innovation, Personal Productivity, Technology and Global Culture among others.  He is not a professional blogger, nor is he ad-supported.  He is not trying to sell you a product or his personal brand.   His experiences and insights come primarily from years of profitably producing and selling REAL products that solve REAL problems to REAL people, and building sustainable competitive advantage while doing it.

He is a General Manager, but does not pretend to be a deep domain expert in any one field, so the focus of his blog content is likely to be broad, to say the least.  He hopes that some of the content may be of value to you in some  way.

You can connect with Jeff on many of the popular social networking platforms.  He also greatly values “in real life” networking and the power of a personal conversation.  Track him down in real life, tell him something, teach him something, have a real conversation.  Please.

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The views and ideas here are Jeff’s own and do not represent the views of his employer.