You Have To Study The Game, To Win The Game

→  June 25th, 2013  →  Business

Recently, a friend shared a post with me from Business Insider, entitled How To Use Math To Crush Your Friends At Monopoly Like You’ve Never Done Before.  This BI presentation deck by Walter Hickey, which analyzes the mechanisms behind the popular board game Monopoly,  was especially interesting for me, as I had done a similar, […]


Enabling the Collisions Between The “Slow Hunches” In Your Organization

→  March 26th, 2012  →  Blog Innovation Leadership Technology

Recently I’ve been inspired by some pretty engaging discussions going on on Google+ about the concept of  “the connected enterprise” by some big thinkers like Gideon Rosenblatt,  Gregory Esau, Braden Kelly and  John Kellden .   An underlying theme of many of these discussions is that technology will enable organizations to evolve in new and exciting […]



→  April 2nd, 2011  →  Business

All of us have had the unpleasant experience of coming across roadkill.  Although I’ve never seen empirical evidence, I’m pretty sure that most of these victims never intended to end up the way we found them.  Most of these unfortunate endings happened because of a desire to move beyond their previously inhabited core space into a […]


Risk, Part 1 — Stress Testing Your Business Strategy

→  December 5th, 2009  →  Business

Porter’s Five Forces can be used as a tool to stress test your current business strategies in the face of a rapidly evolving external environment.