→  April 2nd, 2011  →  Business

All of us have had the unpleasant experience of coming across roadkill.  Although I’ve never seen empirical evidence, I’m pretty sure that most of these victims never intended to end up the way we found them.  Most of these unfortunate endings happened because of a desire to move beyond their previously inhabited core space into a […]


First Derivatives: Are You Getting Better, Or What?

→  February 23rd, 2010  →  Business

Basic Calculus shows us that regardless of the subject or the metric, you are either getting better or getting worse, you can’t be just “holding your own.”


Risk, Part 3 — Vulnerabilities In Your Team

→  February 9th, 2010  →  Business

Your people are your most mission-critical resources, where do you have blind spots or weaknesses due to unplanned talent losses?


Risk, Part 2 — Safeguarding Your Daily Business Operations

→  January 20th, 2010  →  Business

Using a structured approach to considering, prioritizing and planning for the many risks that can impact your business will increase its likelihood of continuing to run smoothly.


Risk, Part 1 — Stress Testing Your Business Strategy

→  December 5th, 2009  →  Business

Porter’s Five Forces can be used as a tool to stress test your current business strategies in the face of a rapidly evolving external environment.