For Inspiration, Take The Road Less Traveled

→  May 19th, 2011  →  Blog Innovation

Last week, I attended some meetings up at the Homestead Resort, in the Allegheny mountains of Virginia.  (It’s a great venue, by the way, with a real historic Jeffersonian flair and a beautiful backdrop). I drove up from my office in Greensboro, NC, taking a lovely scenic drive over rural Virginia highways.  As usual, I […]


Timescapes Timelapse: Mountain Light

→  November 12th, 2009  →  Science / Nature

This stunning time lapse video captures the wonders of nature at Yosemite Park’s White Mountain.


Staggering Photographic Evidence Of Man’s Impact On The Ecosystem

→  October 18th, 2009  →  Science / Nature

This photoessay provides staggering evidence of man’s impact on the natural ecosystem.


1 Million Spiders Make Golden Silk for Rare Cloth

→  September 24th, 2009  →  Blog Composites Science / Nature

Spider Silk has amazing physical properties and over 1 million spiders were silked to make the world’s largest spider silk textile.


Birds on the Wires

→  September 14th, 2009  →  Science / Nature

Amazingly beautiful music was created from a transcription of a photo of birds randomly sitting on a wire.


The Bear – Amazing Natural Action Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

→  September 8th, 2009  →  Science / Nature

This exciting video trailer of a cougar hunting a bear is guaranteed to make your heart pump.


Dolphin Strand Feeding: The Ultimate Display Of Frictionless Teamwork

→  August 12th, 2009  →  Science / Nature

Bottlenose dolphins fish as a team in a very impressive natural performance and exhibit excellent teamwork.


BVI Trip: April 6 – Peter Island To Salt Island To Virgin Gorda

→  April 6th, 2009  →  Fun

On April 6, We dove the wreck of the RMS Rhone, Snorkeled at Fallen Jerusalem, Toured the Baths and anchored in Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda.