What Others Say About Jeff

Excerpts from Jeff’s LinkedIn Recommendations are highlighted below.

They recognize his Leadership and Drive for Execution:

  • He is a dynamic and highly driven executive . . .
  •  He is progressive, innovative, aggressive and driven . . .
  • He had a vision for the business as a whole and worked to drive the entire business strategy.
  • He is an inspirational leader who is not afraid to jump into the thick of things and get his boots dirty nor does he treat the people around him differently according to grades/level/class.
  • He has a superior talent in prioritizing and organizing the details for his teams to be able to succeed.
  • Jeff has a rare blend of talents and leadership abilities that make him stand out among peers as well as superiors . . . Jeff has a fun-loving personality and a motivating, positive attitude.
  • Jeff is a great leader and has demonstrated a variety of solid skill sets such as: being visionary, critical thinking and result oriented.
  • Jeff knows how to get a Big Hairy Audacious Goal . . .  he would usually rally (ie. Start, get buy in’s at the face of stiff resistance, shift paradigms, move blockers to supporters . . ., and then drive these goals to stellar completion.
  • Give him your hardest problem and stand back!

They respect his intellect and customer focused creativity:

  • . . . consumer of knowledge quickly grasping abstract concepts . . .
  • Jeff . . . makes the difficult choices easily . . .
  • Jeff is one of the most brilliant and creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work for . . .
  • Jeff showed an amazing ability to drill into issues quickly, absorb the salient information, cut the wheat from the chaff, and make a decision.
  • A guy with technical knowledge who knows how to work with (and against) lawyers is a dangerous guy — unless he is on your side!
  • Jeff is a very bright, creative and inspiring business leader with a great passion for delivering results that matter to his customers.
  • Customers like him because he knows and tries to know the problems which customers are facing and takes immediate and unique action to solve them.
  • Jeff develops a deep understanding of customer’s applications, by applying his technical skills and driving business to meet customer’s current and future product needs .
  • He was passionate about the customers and the success of the business through focusing on the customers needs as the corner stone of the strategy.
  • Jeff was entrusting in our process, and keen to recognize new strategic business opportunities. He was one of those clients that “get it”
  • Jeff is a dynamic leader with great market perspective, customer focus, and critical thinking skills. He has a great ability to cut to the heart of an issue . . .
  • He has an amazing ability to grasp complex concepts and create simple working strategies that are effective.

They view Jeff as a globally minded leader and partner:

  • Jeffrey is a skilled negotiator who is able to make deals in a multi-cultural/language/paradigm environment.
  • . . . as a business leader he was insightful of the markets we operated in – Geographically & Industry wise . . .
  • He also understands  Japanese and Asian culture and tradition. He is a good leader for colleagues and customers.
  • Jeff is a leader with global perspective. He knows Asian culture and people well by living and traveling in this region. Asian customers like Jeff as a business partner. People work for him in Asia feel the understanding and respect from him.
  • He is constantly focused on sustainable, profitable growth, constantly looking for future growth markets in a global market.

They acknowledge his inclusive leadership commitment to helping those around him develop:

  • I’ll be forever grateful to Jeff for the opportunities that have been made available to me and my company through his efforts.
  • He loves to learn, and never fails to support his people in developing their skills.
  • Jeff is direct and honest in his relationships with others, always seeking to stretch your peformance while simultaneously providing strong encouragement
  • . . . able to add value for customers and develop key relationships . . .
  • Great team leader / builder . . .
  • Jeff creates an engaging, open, inclusive and extremely fun environment to work in.
  • Jeff’s tremendous energy and creativity was unique in helping shape the business while creating a fun environment.
  • He is great with people- employees, colleagues, customers. He has wonderful personal chemistry and is a joy to work with.
  • He is also great at developing people. He is willing to share his experience and his business toolkit with his subordinates. Whenever I meet a challenge in my work, I can simply walk into his office asking for help. He listens and provides constructive feedbacks. I am grateful for what Jeff has done in developing me in my career.
  • . . . his ability to cross the aisle and work from our CEO level all the way across to least operator on the floor with his witty, down-to-earth approach was quite effective and impressive.
(All of these recommendations are available in their entirety with attribution on Jeff’s LinkedIn Profile)